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Giannis and Stella, born in Italy and in Greece, have been decorating since 2006. Their goal and perspective is a fusion of Italian passion and innovation together with classical Athenian design. A dream team with an understanding to transform everyday living to a high standard. This is accomplished by an eye for good design and sourcing superior craftsmanship. Each project is completed to the client’s remit with the added touch of good furnishings and fabrics. They both seek to follow the contemporary look with an added edge, all the while remaining true to their roots. Each brings to a project a unique understanding of the client’s lifestyle and desire and matches this with the excellent local craftsmen to accomplish something outstanding. All projects remain timeless in aesthetic while forging a path others seek to follow.

Interior Design Services:

  • Consultation to ensure a creative, functional, and beautiful design plan
  • Selection of furniture, antiques, lighting, fixtures, finishes, fabrics, rugs and accessories
  • Space planning; i.e., maximizing the layout and proper flow of space and ergonomics
  • Custom furniture, window treatments, kitchens, cabinets and other structures to the application workshops and casework design
  • Green, healthy and energy efficiency design options
  • Project  plan
    Drafting and plotting work time chart
  • Decorative study of two and three dimensional (2D & 3D)
    Design and design of space and objects (furniture, constructions, materials) in floor plans, facades, elevations and cuts in two dimensions or in three-dimensional photorealism either handmade or computer program.
  • Space measurement – Space recording
    Accurate measurement of your space with laser and space design.
  • Budgeting
    Cost calculation of the project and reconsideration according to the available amount of the client.
  • Study of electrical, hydraulic and sewerage installations
    Design of electrical, hydraulic and sewerage facilities and locations, in accordance with the ergonomics, functionality and needs of the space and the customer.
  • Lighting design
    Study  and design for the lighting needs of the area, with state-of-the-art lighting systems that save energy and promote aesthetics.
  • Study of color combinations
    Proposal / color schemes that achieve the optimal coexistence of man with colors, the main factor being the psychological effect of colors.
  • Updating and observing regulations
    Urban and Sanitary Survey – Specification control for traditional settlements and listed buildings.
  • Market research – Collection of tenders – Evaluation
    Organized collection of information and offers on the purchase and construction. Then, evaluation based on quality, benefits, costs, guarantees and possible services. Checking the quality, quantity and cost of purchasing the products and materials.
  • Project supervision
    Full take-over and technical supervision of the project in agreement with the customer.
  • Assistant integration into subsidized Greek programs
    With the necessary prerequisites of each program, for the proper promotion, management and implementation of investment projects.
  • Tips for new trends in decoration and materials
    With continuous training and research on the trends of every age, we propose fresh ideas and innovative solutions.
  • Advisory appointment
    With one or more visits to your site, we provide you with ideas, solutions and answers to decorative, construction and technical issues.

Image Styling Services:

  • Personal Styling
  • Image Making, Ethics and Professional Behavior
  • Printed & Web shops
  • Magazine Art Direction & Editorial
  • TV Styling
  • Photo Styling
  • Visual Merchandising